Tokyo is an innovative and ever-changing city visited by people from all over the world. In this modern metropolis, though, there are still some special places where you can experience traditional Japanese lifestyle. These are the ryokan.


Staying at a ryokan in Tokyo, you can actually touch and feel the styles of original Japanese culture: the daily life of the Japanese people, calmness, beautiful spaces, harmony, hospitality, and more.
Experiencing this timeless Japanese style will give you an insight into the Japanese way of thinking and values and will also help you to appreciate Japanese attractions more deeply.


Andon Ryokan and Minowa:

An unconventional ryokan in Tokyo's 'under city'

Designed by the architect Masayuki Irie, Andon Ryokan’s five-story steel-frame building has a striking turquoise glass façade---not quite what you would expect a typical Japanese ryokan to look like. But then again, Andon Ryokan is not a typical Japanese ryokan.


-Tokyo through the eyes of Ryokan owners-

This pocketbook will introduce you to the charms of Ryokans and the surrounding neighborhoods through the perspectives of six Ryokan Owners. The owners have shared with us special information on their beloved neighborhoods with tips to get the fullest out of your Ryokan experience. Please use this pocketbook as a travel diary as well to collect memorable moments from your trip.


Tokyo Branch, Japan Ryokan and Hotel Association

Ryokan and hotels in Tokyo are places where you can feel timeless moments. The hospitable owners warmly welcome guests and help their travel. Check the map of the timeless ryokan and hotels in Tokyo, select your favorite, and book your stay!


KATA Gallery

The styles of original Japanese culture: the daily life of the Japanese people, calmness, beautiful spaces, harmony, hospitality, and more.


Join a Timeless Ryokan Tour

An introduction to special tours which start from a Ryokan and let you enjoy various events unique to the regions in Tokyo. Make your trip even more special with private tours that give you a local experience of nostalgic and traditional culture.


What is your timeless memory at a ryokan in Tokyo?

The accommodation experience is an essential aspect of a memorable trip. The foreign travelers who really loved their stays at ryokan in Tokyo have posted photos and reviews of their experiences.


Explore Tokyo's Timeless Ryokans

Learn more about Tokyo's amazing ryokans through this series of articles. They feature interviews with the owners and fascinating details about each facility. Whether it's an established Japanese inn that has been around for over a century or a stylish Japanese-style hotel that opened recently, enjoy reading their stories before deciding which one to choose for your stay in Tokyo.